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Kind words from cool people. 

"Andy makes the casting process easier. She brings the best out in improvisers, and she's a big part of why our auditions have been running smoothly for years."

-- Eddie Quintana, Associate Artistic Director, CSz LA

I have had the pleasure of working with Andy on everything from audacious new musicals to intimate fringe experiences, and at every turn she has impressed me with her artistic boldness. She is a rock when it seems like a show is adrift, she is a cheerleader when a script is dragging, and she is a visionary when a play feels impossible. Andy is insightful, supportive, inventive, and delightful from first production meeting to closing night.

- Anne Renè Brashier, Choreographer

Andy's talent for storytelling is profound, and she is just as good at finding the right talent to tell each story. Her mental rolodex of fabulous actors is staggering and her enthusiasm for quality projects is infectious. When Andy calls with a project, you take it. Not only because you know it’s going to be good, but because you know that if she is calling you, you are the right person for the job.

-- Justin Okin,  Producer

Andy's hands-on, focused experience in casting gives her a special advantage as a director, but that's just the beginning: her impressive resume as an improv coach and performer, her naturally playful approach to the work, and her quirky taste and gimlet-eyed problem solving skills all contribute to making Andy an extraordinary craftsperson of remarkable theatrical experiences.

-- Myles Nye, Playwright /

Owner, Wise Guys Events

"Andy Crocker is an incredible director.  She has vision, passion, and an undeniable talent. Working with her has been one of the greatest experiences of my life."

-- Amanda McCann, Producer

Andy's superpower is her ability to "find the funny" -- in an actor, in a scene, in life.  A talented comedian in her own right, she excels at finding other funny humans and making them shine. She is the kind of director who makes an actor feel ten feet tall, fearless, and invigorated. 

- Cat Davis, Writer/ Actor

Andy takes such good care of her creative team: preparation, safety, equity, every step of the way. She makes magic happen and believes in magic.

-- Bill Chott, Actor

I've had the great pleasure of working with Andy Crocker in the field of casting, and greatly anticipate our next collaboration.  Her insight and taste are superb, and she brings so much joy to the work.  

- Andrew Carlberg, Producer

"Andy has a wonderful blend of playfulness and insight that makes her a rare find."

-- Peter Pasco, Actor

As a teacher and coach, Andy pairs a deep well of knowledge with a genuine compassion for her clients, so you know she’s always got your back both creatively and as a human. As a director, she uses that same deep knowledge along with a visceral sense of character and story to shift your perspective, break your heart, and make you laugh like a hyena, sometimes in quick succession. 

-- Rick Steadman, Actor

Andy gives you the tools to move forward. She is supportive, articulate, knowledgeable, and frees you to find your way to your best work.


-- Silvie Zamora, Podcaster/ Actor

Andy's ideas about art are inspirational. When she builds a show, it feels both entirely new, and like something that should have always existed. She is an easy person to put your artistic trust in because her taste is exceptional and unexpected.

- Lisa Bierman, Director

Andy is able to create unique, fun, and impactful shows that are memorable and moving to the audience. I love working with her, because as an actor she always helps me find unexpected elements in my performance, I think her magic is the surprises she can bring to rehearsals and productions. 

- Sarah Parga, Actor

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